What is GLA:D™ Canada

Based on the success of the program in Denmark, the GLA:D® education and exercise program for knee and hip OA is now being made available in Canada. The program is being launched in regions within Ontario with plans for expansion across Canada over the next 3 years.

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There are 3 components to the GLA:D™ Canada program:

Education of health care and wellness providers to deliver the GLA:D™ Canada program:

The education will include the latest knowledge and research evidence on the pathology and management of OA including how to manage the educational and exercise needs of individuals who have the signs and or symptoms of knee or hip OA.

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Delivery of the GLA:D™ Canada education and exercise program:

After a two-day training course the trainers, through their workplace, will provide the education and exercises for individuals with OA or who are at high risk of developing OA (i.e. pre OA) within their community Through a coordinated approach to providing the training sessions, the GLA:D™ Canada team will identify regions in need and focus training sessions to ensure the program is eventually available to all Canadians.
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Monitoring outcomes of the program:

The outcomes of individuals who participate in the GLA:D™ Canada program will be tracked and evaluated so that we can continuously improve the program and the lives of individuals with OA.
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Patients who have gone through the GLA:D™ Canada program are invited to share their feedback with this short form.

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