GLA:D Back Canada Program

The GLA:D Back Canada program is an evidence-based treatment program for individuals with persistent and/or recurrent back pain that negatively affects their everyday life and function. The purpose of GLA:D Back Canada is to help patients manage their back pain themselves through a well-described and structured course of treatment.

The program was developed in Denmark where it has been implemented throughout the country. The GLA:D Back Canada consists of:

  1. Standardized training and certification for physiotherapists, chiropractors and kinesiologists (as legislation allows within the province) in how to provide the GLA:D Back Canada
  2. Education and exercise programs for patients
  3. Registration of patient data in a GLA:D registry

The GLA:D Back Canada program has recently expanded for implementation throughout Canada and available for clinicians and residents of Canada. 

Further information about the GLA:D Back Canada program can be found at: and you can email for further details.

Patients who have gone through the GLA:D™ Canada program are invited to share their feedback with this short form.

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