What to Expect

Making sure it is the GLA:D™ Canada program

The GLA:D™ Canada program is a standardized education and exercise program. Individuals who are providing the program need to have undergone training and they need to provide all the elements of the program including the exercises twice a week for 6 weeks, 2 sessions of education and tracking your outcomes through a national registry.

If your trainer does not have a certificate from the course, or you are not offered the ability to participate in all elements of the program then please contact us through our contact page on this web site.

Referrals and payment

The GLA:D™ Canada program has been designed to maximize your opportunity to participate. However referrals from a family physician will be required for some individuals if you are attending the program through a regulated health professional. Contact the clinic you wish to attend and they will let you know what you require to attend the program.

The program has been designed to keep cost to a minimum through group participation . A few sites may be able to provide the program at no cost, or include it in an annual membership, and a few individuals may chose to participate independently one on one with a health care professional which may affect the overall cost. Speak to the clinic where you wish to participate and they will be able to provide you with information you need on program costing.

Patients who have gone through the GLA:D™ Canada program are invited to share their feedback with this short form.

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