Osteoarthritis Fitness Classes

The GLAD Canada National team is working with a number of fitness professionals to provide a “post-GLAD” exercise session for individuals looking to continue exercise after ‘graduating’ from the GLA:D Canada Physiotherapy program.

We build on the things you have learned already during GLA:D, and help you to adhere to your exercise regime with a regular weekly Zoom class with your Trainer. We serve people from all over Canada, and from remote communities.

The classes have no impact, focus on lower body strength, mobility, balance as well as using the whole body to achieve better symmetry, posture and to get stronger. It is based on the GLA:D exercises for the lower extremity and reinforces the neuromuscular principles; however, it is an exercise/fitness program and includes other general body and upper extremity exercises.

These sessions are available at minimal cost to participants for 6- and 8-week sessions.

All classes are at 10:30 am Eastern Standard Time (Toronto), so we can meet the needs of time differences across Canada.

6-week session with George: Thursdays at 10:30 Level 1 with George (May 23 – June 27)

8-week session with Andrea: Tuesdays at 10:30 Level 2 with Andrea (May 7 – June 25)

To register, email trainers at mobilefitness@hotmail.com