Osteoarthritis Fitness Classes in March 2023

The GLAD Canada National team is working with a number of fitness professionals to provide a “post-GLAD” exercise program for individuals looking to continue exercise after graduating from GLAD. Programs have been set up for the spring, summer and fall and are being provided virtually, so anyone from across Canada can attend. It is based on the GLA:D exercises for the lower extremity and reinforces the neuromuscular principles; however, it is an exercise/fitness program and includes other general body and upper extremity exercises.

These programs are available at minimal cost to participants for 8 week sessions. Each group is capped at between 6 to 8 participants, so spots are limited.

Please feel free to share the information below with your patients as the last session of classes is soon to begin in 2 weeks on March 21 and 24, 2023. Interested individuals can contact the instructors directly:

Tuesdays, 11 am EST: Andrea Leplae mobilefitness@hotmail.com

Thursday, 11 am EST: George Hojbota ghojbota513@rogers.com